Singing Bowl Therapy For Stress, Disease And Meditation

Singing bowls are a unique instrument that many people seem to enjoy. 

A singing bowl is a hanging or flapping bowl, usually supported on legs, which has a central hole or rim for the strings to vibrate. These bowls may also be called chimes, bells or tambourines, but they all refer to the same device. A stand is attached to the front so that the bowl can be tuned while the stand is in use, which makes them useful even in the absence of a singer. Such instruments have been found in excavations dating back as far as the fifth century, although it is not clear when they became popular in Asia.

Among the most common uses of the Silver Sky Imports singing bowls is for meditation. Because the bowls are made of metal rather than wood, they resonate in the metal instead of the air around them, allowing the sound to reach a deeper degree of consciousness. A similar effect can be achieved with a tambourine hanging from a ceiling fan. It does, however, differ from the bowls because the fan has springs which allow the fan blades to rotate, making the sound more melodic and relaxing.

 Acupoints are points on the body that act as triggers for healing, and by tuning into a bowl through sound, the acupoints will produce healing vibrations in the bowls themselves. By tuning to these vibrations, or by using different types of singing bowls, one can enter states of meditation that induce deeper levels of relaxation.

Other uses for singing bowls include relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, enhanced immune system functioning, and even as a form of alternative therapy. Since the bowls are not music itself, one need not worry about competing with another singing bowl on the radio or competing with other therapists for radio time. This makes singing bowls a highly flexible form of therapy, suitable for individuals regardless of their previous experience. As long as one tunes to the proper pitch, which is typically higher than other forms of therapy, the effects will be the same. Explore more details in relation to this topic here:

Some sources also suggest that by meditating with a singing bowl, one can learn to control the level of consciousness and allow the innate healing vibrations of the universe to enter the individual. By using the bowl to focus on the inner life, one can better tune into one's own healing potential and allow the sounds within to enter one's consciousness. In this way, the bowls can serve as a portal between the mind and body, allowing the inner peace that can only come with meditation. While it is not clear how much these singing bowls can help, they do offer a simple, easy form of meditation that is available to anyone interested in experiencing the relaxing benefits of bowls.   Find out more details in relation to this topic here: